Our Story...

Our company was started with one goal in mind: keeping warm and dry at the game. So that's how I came up with my company name;eleMates-your perfect "mate" when confronting the elements.


Take a look around the sidelines and bleachers at sporting events. During inclement weather, many spectators are gripping some sort of blanket over their clothing or jacket, in an attempt to be warmer and dryer. Why couldn't one blanket provide protection, AND stay in place?


After discussing my idea with other moms during several cold, snowy football games in October of 2009, I decided I was going to design a product that would perform like no other blanket out there, and:

Keep you warm;

Keep you dry;

Function hands free.


With the help of a local friend, who's business and expert sewing knowledge I could not have done without, we began a quest to make the perfect sports blanket that "becomes something more". 


We came up with a "wrap" that is warm, repels moisture, stays where you want it, and can be used in many ways. It works for most body types and sizes, and covers a multiude of functions. Plus, it looks pretty darn cool...even my 11 year-old football player had one for the sidelines!


MY GOAL FOR YOU IS THIS: If you know you have the perfect companion to protect against the elements...maybe you won't have to think twice about skipping another game or event.


"Don' let bad weather ruin the game...

                              just grab your "Ultimate Sportwrap" and enjoy!



Denise Weitala

eleMates LLC

Phone: 651.245.7740

Fax: 651.207.4037

Email: sportswraps@comcast.net