Ultimate Sports Wrap


the "Ultimate" Cold Weather/Wind/Water Repellent Sports Blanket

Wrapped In Style

Blanket, hooded rain gear and mittens...all in one!

Never miss another game due to bad weather!


 The Ultimate Sports Wrap is so much more than a stadium blanket, and perfect for those cold and rainy game days. Water repellant outer shell and cozy fleece lining...complete with built-in mittens and hood. Zip yourself in and be totally protected from chilly wind and rain...all while looking great in your team colors. Add your approved team logo and be the envy of all the fans!




Total SPORT-ection!


Make this the ONLY blanket you keep

 in your car for sporting events...

leave Grandma's knit blankie on

 the sofa where it belongs!


The Ultimate Sports Wrap

will keep you dry while

creating a soft, warm lining

 between you and the

cold stadium seats.

Hands-Free Ease



Holding your cell phone or hot coffee?

No problem. Zip the top portion for

hands-free comfort.

Great for standing on the sidelines.



slip your hands inside the uniquely placed pockets...




...and wrap in the heat!

Use it Anywhere...Any Time

Our sports wrap is great for beautiful weather, too!


Simply zip the hood away...and you're ready to use your Ultimate Sports Wrap as a picnic blanket. The protective outer shell will help keep moisture on the ground, while the soft fleece lining feels comfy on the skin.


Worried about spilled drinks or muddy footprints? 

No problem...your Ultimate Sports Wrap is completely washable. Just wash in warm water and hang dry. 


Perfect for families with young children.




When you're not using your Ultimate Sports Wrap, simply

Zip it up! Roll it up! and Pack it up!


Just be sure it is completely dry, first.

Keep it secure with the

 sewn-in elastic loop. 



Our Ultimate Sports Wrap takes up very little space; you can store it in your vehicle, and have it any time bad weather sneaks up on you. Small and light when rolled, this sports wrap is easy to tote, and ready to go...any time you are.



Pick your Colors

Represent your school in style!

Order your school colors and add your logo. You'll look really cool...all while staying warm and dry. We will design a logo for you, or you can send us your own. 


School, individual sport, club or business - the options are endless!



For group orders and pricing, please email sportswraps@comcast.net